Finally. A Sports Dust Mask That Is A Perfect Fit!

The Mu µ2 Sports Dust Mask Is The Best Mask For ATV Riders, Snowboarding, Snow Skiing, Hunting, Dirt Bike Riding, Motocross, Running And Other Vigorous Sports.

U2 Mask ATV and Motorcross
ATV & Motocross

“Mu µ2” Sports Mask patented dust mask uses the long-lasting “MicroAirScreen” filtration material that allows for easy breathing even in the most strenuous and demanding sports.

The U2 sports dust mask IS NOT like other masks which tell you that hard labored breathing is a good thing: “simulates high altitude training”. I don’t know about you but I think breathing should be easy.

U2 Is Ideal for Most Sports – Works great when riding your dirt bike or ATV, running, motocross, and other activities that require keeping out dirt, dust, mud or pollen but give you good air flow.

The filtration material keeps out dust, dirt, mud, mold, grass and pollen, so you are not sucking in these pollutants as push yourself and give it your all.

U2 Mask Snowboarding

In winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobile, hunting and ice sailing Mu µ2 mask tempers the cold air and relieves dry throat. The Real Tree Camo color sports mask work well for hunters.

Permanent Filter  The U2 Sports dust mask utilizes the MicroAirScreen filtration material so it does not get clogged and does not have to be continually replaced like other masks.  No replacement filters parts.

Simple to Care For – The U2 Sports Mask is super easy to care for. Simply rinsed off in the sink and let dry. I use mild dishwashing soap when mine gets really dirty.

Adjustable Fitting – The U2 Sports mask uses a Velcro band for adjustable attachment around the back of the neck. The pliable anodized aluminum clip allows you to seal the mask around the bridge of your nose.


Winter Sports


The Mu2 Sport mask is worn by the men and women of the United States Military! For years we have supplied our dust masks to soldiers serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and around the world.

Want a lightweight dust mask to use around the house?

Check out our Qmask dust and pollen mask. Not great for the trail but perfect for cutting the yard, woodworking or household work.

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